Project: The Touch Finished.

Final day. Today was the day of the Edit. Lesson learned; I don't like editing... I'm alright with the outcome, would've liked more of an old feel to it, some more filters, some fun effects, but after being sat behind my laptop for many hours to get Premier to stop messing me about  I really … Continue reading Project: The Touch Finished.


Project: Touch part 2

As the group was set, we met up for the first time out of class hours to go over our story once again and get some filming done. Day started with a bit of a delay, but whilst waiting for the shop to open (We had to book out some equipment) we went over the … Continue reading Project: Touch part 2

Day Off

After watching some disney short animations, I've been trying out the 'flow' of things. I'm glad I did, as it made this little jump way easier and quicker to do. Doodled up in TVpaint, six frames, 10 minutes time.